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Marketing Consultancy for London and Cardiff

Is your brand is struggling to make an impact? It might be time for you to hire a freelance marketing consultant who can get your business noticed. 

Mindstyle is a mindset and marketing consultancy company based in London and Cardiff. Our marketing consultant helps entrepreneurs and business owners develop their brands. We have helped clients across the UK learn: 

  • what strategy to adopt
  • how to define their purpose, mission and values
  • who their ideal customers are
  • where to find and engage with them
  • how to develop tactics and campaigns that sell (even when they’re not in the office)
  • when to bring on a team (short term or long term)

Attract and keep customers 

Marketing and brand strategy consultants help create the campaigns that attract and keep customers for life. How?

By showing them how their problems can be solved with your products or services. Marketing strategy consultants in London and Cardiff use tried and tested strategies. They include generating leads through effective audience-building and using expert positioning.

 As your marketing advisor, we will be able to recommend:

- which steps to take

- when to take them (timing is critical in marketing)

- what the costs will be

- what resources you need

We can implement a full range of marketing strategies - from redesigning a website, to creating articles or white papers, starting a blog, conducting podcasts, and developing ad campaigns.

Who is a marketing consulting for?

This is for clients who don’t want to do everything themselves and are ready to invest in professional marketing advice. 

Rather than hiring a new member of staff, you can outsource, invest and scale gradually with an experienced marketing consultant. 

Whatever size your company is, appointing a content and advertising consultant will create a positive extension of your business. They will help support the growth of your business.

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What can I expect from a MindStyle Marketing Consultant? 

You will get a personalised strategy for your marketing, that will focus on your needs and budget.

 The strategy can be executed by existing man-power or additional support can be brought in. Marketing support can include:

  • PR outreach across online and print publications
  • Raising a business owners’ profile through interviews, podcasts, expert comments in media articles
  • Managing your LinkedIn account
  • Ceating business brand guidelines (helping a business move from ‘what’ it is to ‘why’ it exists)
  • Blog and content writing
  • Social media content and scheduling
  • Design work

 There is a minimum three-month commitment, followed by a monthly retainer with a month’s notice.

Why is a marketing strategy consultant important?

Marketing strategy consultants make sure that all the business targets are met. They too are responsible for growth of the business.

This can be achieved by well-thought out and effective marketing strategies. A good marketing consultant focuses on getting the business noticed in the most effective way possible.

If you are struggling with marketing your business and engaging with your audience, it is time to outsource this element of your business to an experienced freelance marketing consultant.

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