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Whilst many entrepreneurs and business owners can experience periods of frustration and stress, trying to take their businesses to the next level, there is a simple answer.

Business mindset coaching is a resource that can help you push through to the next phase of your business. It combines mindset coaching and some marketing know-how. 

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What is Business Mindset Coaching?

Let’s be clear, this is not a one size fits all roadmap to growing a business - The MindStyle method is about bringing out the best in the founder. We help you identify the best marketing strategy to suit your business and you personally. Book in a call to get a growth mindset coach on your team!

Mindset Coaching is all about you, what you want from your business and life. 

What do you want more of? What do you want to stop doing?

I can provide you with the tools to achieve your dreams and turn them into tangible goals. We don’t follow a set programme, instead I am here to help and support you individually, uniquely, and personally. 

Whether you are a new start up entrepreneur or established business owner who already has a business up and running. Imagine what it would feel like to work on measurable tasks, and notice your goals and ambitions come to fruition!

How does a Business Mindset Coach help you?

Coaching is about conversations. It is not telling you what you should do – we all have people around us sharing their ideas and opinions for that. It is, however, about discovering resources and possibilities to becoming the best version of you. Finding and trying out different approaches and ways of thinking that help you make the progress you want. 

Building and growing a business can be a challenge. As a growth mindset coach, based between London and Cardiff, I will help you build your resilience. I will do this by showing you tools that will help you ride the challenges and turn them into strengths. 

Everything I will teach you is simple, tried and tested. I will push you, but it will be a journey in which, I promise, you will grow, flourish and develop a more positive mindset.

How does MindStyle’s Mindset Coaching work?

After an in-depth first session, you will get:

  • a personalised business strategy report outlining key areas to focus on
  • advice on how to turn skills and knowledge into a business structure that brings in more money, freedom and happiness
  • recommended marketing tactics to use in your business now and in the future

The subsequent sessions are tailored depending on your needs. Each session will give you clarity and confidence. We will finish every session with actions to work over the following weeks until we meet again. This will help us measure the progress and the impact that our coaching has had on your business. 

Throughout your mentorship period, I will make sure that you operate in your ‘stretch zone’. This is a mindset and attitude in which personal and professional growth happens.

As an NLP practitioner (neuro-linguistic programming), I will also use subconscious work, if I feel that there is a deeper block or limiting belief holding you back. In order to see real transformation, I recommend buying a six-session package, meeting every two weeks.

Who is MindStyle’s mindset coaching for?

Success mindset coaching is for anyone serious about turning their ideas into a thriving business. It is for:

  • individuals trying to start a business as a side-venture
  • entrepreneurs in their first few years of trading
  • business owners ready to scale

This is for you if you:

  • have ideas flying around their head and need help making sense of them in order to move forward
  • are seeking progress in your business and growth in your personal life
  • want clarity and confidence about your next steps
  • are looking to reduce the sense of overwhelm and stress being a business owner brings

Is this you? Are you ready for something to change? Would you like a better work life balance?

If you’re ready to do the work, I’m ready to help you develop unstoppable confidence and help you thrive in your business and life.

One-on-one coaching is typically done over the phone/on Zoom. These sessions will happen regularly, as opposed to workshops, which are usually a single occurrence. Your one-on-one growth mindset coaching sessions will keep you on task, as you work toward your set goals. Hiring a London mindset coach, in this format, is best for people who want focused, individualised assistance.

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What does a mindset coaching package include?

  • Minimum 3-month package
  • x1 90-minute discovery session
  • After the first session we create a tailored strategy for your business and tailored package for the remaining sessions together
  • x5 60-minute sessions every two-three weeks
  • Comprehensive notes following each call; capturing the discussion, learnings and recommendations
  • x4 15-minute express calls for check-ins
  • Unlimited Email/Whatsapp support
  • An understanding of marketing and how it can work best for your business
  • Homework/actions/exercises following every session
  • A combination of coaching, mentoring with mindset, marketing, NLP
  • Choice of online or in-person meetings
  • Extra: Hands-on marketing support to be discussed and agreed
  • Access to discounted marketing supplier rates through partners (Website, Digital, Design, PR, Copywriting etc)

If you want help to identify and clarify what you want and get the help to be able to achieve your goals, contact the mindset coach for entrepreneurs and business owners at MindStyle today.

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