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From Growth Mindset to Banishing Burnout and from Personality Dynamics to Powerful Conversations these workshops support the individual, the team and the business to help them all operate at their best.

Success comes to those who implement incremental change... What are you committed to doing differently today?

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MindStyle Workshops

The following topics can be delivered as webinars/talks, interactive workshops and/or group coaching sessions.

All workshops encourage participants to take action beyond the sessions to increase the impact on personal growth and positive change.

The topics and content included below are suggestions and material can be tailored to each business.

Workshops can also include:

  • PDF exercises for private reflection during and after the sessions.
  • Breakout rooms help groups collaboration, reflection and morale building.
  • Tailored content based on the industry or company
  • Group Coaching follow up sessions
  • Recording for future use across the business


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MindStyle Workshop Topic Overviews

Growth Mindset

Some people just seem to go from one good thing to another. Life throws them challenges and they bounce back even stronger, they appear to have all the luck and are the life and soul of a party.

What is going on? It isn’t luck. It comes down to mindset and the great news is that anyone can develop a winning mindset.

In this workshop we’ll explore what growth mindset means as well as how to develop your own growth mindset to ensure success and resilience at work and in home life.

You’ll discover which zone you’ve been operating in and learn how to cope with and recover from challenging set-back.

Grow in confidence, become more resourceful, find creative ways to problem solve - This workshop will help you create long lasting positive mindset shifts. 


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Banish Burnout

In this workshop we cover what burnout is, the implications, how to spot the signs and support colleagues as well as how to prevent or reverse it.

Burnout can affect anyone, it can creep up on us and have a huge impact in all aspects of our lives, not just emotional but physical too.

Life certainly has some ups and downs but rather than drown in its swells we want to equip you with the ability to not only stay afloat but thrive in life.

Let's banish it now...

Imposter Syndrome

In this workshop we will learn about imposter syndrome, how it turns up and affects our sense of wellbeing and interactions with others.

You will learn to challenge unhelpful and unrealistic thinking and instead choose how to respond differently. Become confident in yourself and your abilities.

We all have an inner critique that makes us doubt ourselves, feel uncomfortable when facing challenges and it can hold us back.

What would happen if we changed this inner voice to give us guidance and help us feel empowered instead?

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Powerful Conversations

Busy work schedules, demanding clients, remote working, mix of personality types. These factors and more challenge our human connections at work, affecting our sense of wellbeing, our relationships and performance at work.

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, we all thrive on human interaction and community, so how do we make sure these moments are meaningful?

It's easy to throw a few words into the world and hope they get the response you’re after but more often than not they're misunderstood. You’ve not relayed the meaning as you’d intended, you didn’t get the outcome from the interaction you’d hoped for.

This workshop delves into the need to devote time and effort to having powerful, engaging, positive conversations that increase positive engagement, increased understanding, empathy, a sense of wellbeing and performance in the workplace.

In this workshop we cover what a ‘powerful' conversation is, the important 3 P’s in a conversation (purpose, perspective, personal), active listening, body language, personality types and caring leadership.

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Habits: Create new ones ditch old ones

Is there something you keep meaning to start or maybe a habit that you want to stop?

Understanding how the brain works and following some simple steps you can fill your life with habits you love and remove the rest.

In this workshop we understand what a habit is and how to create as many new habits as you want and make it easy and fun!

Let's make a habit of this...

Personality Types: Working in harmony

This workshop helps us understand the people around us and to foster stronger relationships, no matter how many differences there are between us!

Some people’s bark is louder than their bite while others are happy to sit back and listen.

Some people love to analyse the details while others see the big picture.

It’s easy to see differences as obstacles but by understanding what sets us apart we can make small adjustments to the way we interact with one another and therefore get the best from interactions.

This workshop helps boost office morale, team performance and improves individuals’ wellbeing.

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Build Resilience Manage Pressure

In this workshop we understand the impact of pressure on ourselves and others and how to operate optimally within your own ‘window of tolerance’.

You will learn how to break your stress cycles so you can prevent stress from holding you back in life.

We reveal the mind games we often get trapped into and how to challenge unhelpful beliefs we might each be carrying.

Life certainly has some ups and downs but rather than drown in its swells, we want to equip you with the ability to not only stay afloat but thrive in life.

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What are the Benefits to your business? 

Investing time and money into the wellbeing of each individual  can have a massive impact on the day to day running, levels of success and longevity of your business. 

74% of employees state that knowing their employer is committed to wellbeing would make them more motivated at work.


Employees cost employers 2.5 days per year due to underperformance. 


How can a wellbeing strategy benefit your business?
58% better employee morale & engagement
32% enhanced employer brand
30% lower sickness absence
28% better job retention
22% improved productivity
*According to Britain’s Healthiest Workplace Survey ** CIPD Wellbeing Report 2020


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