5 growth mindset habits and how to develop them for a more successful life

thrive global blog Apr 17, 2020

What is Growth Mindset? Here is a taster of a blog I wrote for Thrive Global.

Some people just seem to have it all, nothing seems to get them down, they’re just ‘jammy’. There are others who always seem down on their luck, down-trodden and upset with the way of the world. Which side of the spectrum do you land?

Our mindset has a huge impact on the way we interact with the world and therefore on the results and experiences we have day to day. The way we think affects the way we feel and therefore how we choose to respond to the world around us.

The great news is that we aren’t stuck with our mindset. We can all continually work on developing our mindset so that it not only makes us feel great but it also influences the life we create for ourselves. 

Read the full blog.


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