Case Study: Her Wild Organics by Kathryn Franks

case study Jan 19, 2023

Background information: Cathryn Franks is a Clinical Psychologist, Body Therapist and Founder of Her Wild Organics products. 

The Brief: Cathryn didn’t know what to do next to scale her business. She already felt time stretched and on top of that felt pulled between the different areas of her business. She struggled to clearly communicate how she helped clients. 

Work delivered: Isabella created a tailored business strategy, ideas document and considerations for the immediate and more long term growth of the business. 

Results: Unified the different elements of her business within one clear story and message that customers can relate to - coined ‘the science of kindness’. This unified thread was used to update her website copy and customer journey. 

Within a couple of days of implementing a new package that Isabella suggested, Cathryn secured a new client. This meant a bigger sale than normal, allowing her to move away from swapping her time for money and gave the client more value. 

Cathryn continues to implement advice given a year on and remains relevant as she scales her business. 

Cathryn Franks, Clinical Psychologist, Body Therapist and Founder of Her Wild Organics

"Working with Isabella has given me greater clarity on priorities and goals for each of the services I provide, and helped me see how to integrate these more coherently.

"Her questions were insightful and went right to the heart of the many different aspects of my business, my hopes for the future as well as the areas I was in need of clarity. 

"Isabella has a way of both seeing and communicating that feels crystal clear, and the report that she provided exceeded all my expectations. She has suggested approaches to unify and bring coherence to the many different elements of the work I do in ways that I would never have thought about, and yet feel simple and practical to implement.

"The combination of her marketing and coaching expertise cut through the overwhelm and confusion I was feeling, providing a clear set of priorities and goals that are tailored so specially for my business, it has given me a road map.

"I've found even though it's only been a few days since we had our follow up chat about the report, I am already implementing so many of her suggestions and looking forward to going even further with them.

I am immensely grateful and could not sing Isabella’s praises highly enough."


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