What to do if you notice your employees experiencing burnout

mindset coaching Oct 28, 2022

Would you notice if a colleague was suffering from burnout?

What would you do if you did?

How can you reverse and even prevent burnout?

MYNDUP, the online platform making coaching accessible to business' and their employees, invited me to write a blog on Burnout in the workplace, where I share 5 tips to help prevent burnout in your workforce.

I hope it gives some awareness of the seriousness of it to the individual most importantly as well as the team dynamics and the business' success.

Access to the full blog here: https://www.myndup.com/blog/what-to-do-if-you-notice-your-employees-experiencing-burnout 

Get in touch to discuss running workshops on burnout and other wellbeing topics to create a resilient workforce.

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