Case Study: David Kam

case study marketing consulting mindset coaching Oct 01, 2020
David Kam photo

Client Name: David Kam, Yoga | Movement | Play

Client Location: London

Type of work undertaken: MindStyle Marketing Consulting & Mindset Coaching

Date: 2019

Background information: David wanted to bring together his ideas and passion for yoga and dance while incorporating his knowledge of architecture under the David Kam brand. Already a successful teacher with classes across London, an ambassador for LuLu Lemon and taking part in retreats and festivals, David did not want to be defined as a ‘yoga teacher’ and wanted to create a growing brand that wouldn’t always depend on him swapping time for money.

The Brief: Firstly the challenge was to identify David’s unique selling point and niche offering clearly to attract and engage his ideal audience. Secondly, it was how to turn that offer into a single cohesive business strategy he could grow into, generate different streams of income and that would help him stand apart from competitors in the industry.

How MindStyle helped: David is growing a business that is clearly defined and as a result attracts more people. The business he is growing will not always depend on his time and energy to run successfully. Rather than trying to get everything done at once and battle overwhelm, there was now a clear plan of action and list of priorities to stick to.

Results: We created a brand communications and strategy plan giving David clarity, structure and accountability. David is now clear about how yoga, dance, movement all come into play with creativity to help people thrive in life to overcome overwhelm and perfectionism through play. The brand framework is a solid foundation he can confidently build upon.

Client feedback: “Isabella shared a clear and well structured framework which helped me assess where I am at present and where I need to be in my business.

She is a hard worker, often coming with a deep well of ideas and precedents to accelerate the branding discovery process.

I also appreciated her innovative approach in presenting interactive exercises including elements of role playing to counter what is typically a long arduous experience.” - David Kam, Founder of David Kam Yoga | Movement | Play

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