Case Study: Jessica Bateman

case study marketing consulting mindset coaching May 01, 2021
Jessica Bateman VA photo

Client Name: Jessica Bateman, Health and Wellbeing VA

Client Location: Bristol

Type of work undertaken: MindStyle Marketing Consulting & Mindset Coaching

Background information: Jessica Bateman is a virtual assistant who loves supporting her clients, especially those working in the wellbeing industry. The pandemic affected her normal way of working which left her increasingly unsure of how to maintain her business and affected her confidence. 

The Brief: How to adapt her business model to not only survive but thrive. Give her clarity on the steps needed to grow her business and support her self-belief and confidence.

How MindStyle helped: Overwhelmed by what she thought she had to do or should be doing, we defined plans of action that worked around her own needs and wishes. We created a personalised strategy, ideas document and outlined marketing tactics that suited her personality and business. Every session we worked on her confidence and self-belief along with putting practical marketing tactics into place.

Results: Where overwhelm and confusion once stopped Jessica from growing her business, Jessica now has the tools, confidence and clarity to turn up consistently and as a result is attracting new clients. She understands what she needs to do and with continued time and energy will continue to build on her successes.

Client feedback: Before I started my coaching with Isabella, I felt very isolated and I really didn't know what direction my business was going in.

I started my business as a Virtual Assistant, back in February 2019. I was still growing my business when Covid came along, suddenly I found myself having to take some time out to consider how I could change aspects of my business, that would give me a more secure future. It was really hard and I just found myself losing all my confidence and going around in circles.

Then, along comes Isabella! From the very beginning, she was amazing. Her method of going back to basics and giving me that real understanding of what type of business I am and what I can really offer my clients has been a milestone for me.

I would highly recommend Isabella. She has definitely helped me to re-shift my focus and that change has made a lot of difference in my outlook. She has really inspired me. My confidence has grown again and I am feeling really optimistic about the future. I am looking forward to working with my clients, and giving them the support so that they can spend more time with their own clients.

She is also a lovely person and a joy to work with. Her passion and enthusiasm for helping other businesses is exceptional.” - Jessica Bateman, Health & Wellbeing VA

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