How resilient is your business?

Apr 07, 2022

 It doesn’t matter how big your budget is, how great a strategy you have, how funny your reels are… 

… if you’re not developing your success mindset, not ready to face the challenges ahead, not ready to take risks or try again after failing, your business won’t survive long let alone thrive.

Your business is only as resilient as you are. 

So, how often are you evaluating your efforts, tweaking your plan, trying new things? 

Every once in a while you need to shake things up. That might be a mini resilient moment each day, or a monthly session, maybe you evaluate things each quarter. All that matters is that you build your resilient mind and your business will thank you for it.  

There are five simple steps to take when giving your mind and business a shake up:

→ Reset

Sometimes slowing down helps us speed up. Make sure you plan in moments to pause, take stock of where you are mentally and literally in your business. How does that feel in comparison to where you want to be?

→ Review

How can you build a resilient business that thrives if you aren’t prepared to critique your approach so far. Make sure you review the last milestones. What surprised you? What was there for you to learn?

→ Revisit

Don’t be afraid to admit that some areas need more attention or simply didn’t work. Failure is good - remember as it’s a sign you’re giving new things a go. The more you fail the more you’re likely to find a way that does work and build your resilience along that way. 

So what stopped it from working? What was missing? What could you do differently next time?

→ Renew

Celebrate your wins! We spend so long worrying about whether we are going to succeed or not but when it finally does go well we often don’t give it a second thought. It’s equally as important to mark the positive moments so that we tell our subconscious mind to re-use the lessons we’ve learnt.

What went well? What did you notice? What will you take forward with you to the next milestones? 

→ Rewrite

If you’re like me, you have an idea and you want to get on with it. You might scribble down a few notes but then I feel time slipping away and want to put your thoughts into action…. Don’t!

I’ve learnt the hard way that you actually save more time and get more success if you plan in planning time! 

So when are you next sitting down to evaluate and plan? (I want a firm date and time please… heheh) 


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