How To Plan The Perfect Week: The Seven Fs Formulae

thrive global blog Feb 19, 2020

Do you struggle to get organised? Do you want to be more productive? Here is a taster of a blog I wrote for Thrive Global.

How do you currently plan your week ahead? If your week’s seem to pass you by, you often wonder why you didn’t find the time to do that thing you love, you struggle to squeeze in some exercise or wonder why you’re relying (yet again) on ’emergency frozen fish’ for dinner, then these weekly set up tips may help.

Having focus and a plan for the week allows you to enjoy spontaneity, helps you prioritise what’s important, learn from life’s lessons and have fun.

Follow this simple, seven step formulae for planning your week. It will be completely bespoke to you and evolve as your life changes.

Read the full blog.


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