Lunch and Learn: How to boost business over the Christmas period

marketing consulting mindset coaching Nov 01, 2022

Does Christmas come too quickly or not quick enough?

Whatever your feelings on it, Christmas is coming.... And it is a great opportunity to re-visit your marketing and use this time of year as a hook to attract new clients to your business, harness relationships and build on your past successes. 

Enterprise Nation kindly invited me to host a lunch and learn workshop sharing tips, reminders and exercises to boost your business over the season.

Key takeaways from this event:

• Discover ways to use Christmas as an authentic marketing hook for attracting clients and making sales

• Develop your growth mindset, helping you to become more resilient to next year’s challenges

• Delve into your business’ wins and weaknesses so you can plan confidently for the year to come

Check out the lunch and live recording here

I'd love to find out what Christmas marketing efforts you commit to? Send me an email ([email protected]) or connect on my social median channels. 

Isabella x

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